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Flexibility is key to being a good taekwondo exponent, however whatever your start point, your flexibility will improve with time, irrelevant of your age.


We do patterns which are sequences of movements, mainly attack and defence, set in a logical sequence against one or more imaginary opponents. There are 9 patterns to learn on your journey to black belt. These help to develop technique, balance and done correctly are a great all round workout.


Techniques are repeated many times to make them as fast, accurate and powerful as they can possibly be. These workouts help to develop stances correct posture / technique and aid in grouping techniques together.


There are many forms of Set Sparring organised into routines of attack and defence with a partner to work on focus, distance and timing.


We practice semi-contact sparring with full safety gear. Safety is our number one priority. This is where you put into practice the skills that you have learnt. When sparring against higher grades there is no danger of getting hurt as the emphasis is on the higher grades to show control and to help the lower grades learn and develop their techniques.

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