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Judo Belts


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Beginners / Inters

This class is where all the beginners over 7 will start, adults included. In this class we will learn the basic techniques and grade upto blue belt.

Tigers 5-7yrs

The Tiger classes are set up to target children in the age range of 5-7yrs old with the emphasis on learning through enjoyment. Each activity is tailored to deliver training beneficial to taekwondo but set in an enjoyable and fun environment. Activities are kept quick moving to avoid any loss of attention. All instructors or fully DBS (CRB) checked, insured and first aid qualified. 


Gradings are still carried out to give the child a sense of achievement and are designed to take into account the limitations of their young age. Taekwondo gives your child a great understanding of effort and achievement as they know how hard they work for their gradings and they can see the progress that they make as they move up the grades and towards the front of the line up. 


Usually by the time the child reaches blue belt, which is regarded as a senior grade they are old enough to move into the Junior Class and they retain their grade but have to follow the same adult grading syllabus as everyone else. 


We normally find that during the Tiger Classes they develop a very good base technique in stances and kicking which enables them to progress more easily through the junior ranks and grades. At the club I train at, we have numerous Tigers that have gone on to achieve blackbelt at the ages of 10 and 11. 


This class is designed for the younger student, it's kept fast moving, with the emphasis on learning through fun engagement. The students will undertake a watered down grading and will progress into the beginner / intermediate class at either age 7 or blue belt.  Class numbers are kept low to enable greater time to be spent with each student with the lesson limited to 45 minutes.


This class is designed to prepare you for Black Belt! The standard is higher, the work rate is higher, the content is more. This is for blue belts and above.

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