Train Twice a Week for One Monthly Sum with Europes Largest Martial Arts Organisation. We are also certificated and fully aware of COVID-19 Procedures

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Welcome to Coventry (Edgwick) School of Taekwondo

Welcome to the Coventry School of Taekwondo. We are a family friendly club that caters for all age groups from 5 - 7 yrs in our specially designed Tiger classes, as well as juniors 7 -14yrs and seniors 14yrs upwards. The emphisis is on enjoyment within a structured syllabus which encourages continual improvement and progression through the belts. Along your journey you will get fitter, have more confidence, learn self defence techniques and achieve things that you never thought you could do. 


As the largest martial arts organisation in europe the TAGB has over 25,000 accredited members, 600 schools, and organises seminars with World Masters, demonstrations, and national, regional and international championships every month of the year.


The Taekwondo Association of Great Britian (TAGB) is a full memeber of the British Taekwondo Council and is affiliated to the sports council. With the professional running of the TAGB we have been able to secure sponsorship and partnerships with some of the high streets leading brands such as Sainsbury's and Nestle.


All instructors are fully DBS checked and insured and have undergone an accredited instructor training course.

"Waiting to start a martial art until you're fit enough is like a child not going to school until they are smart enough"

Training has temporarily moved to Jubilee Crescent Community  

Hall, Radford CV6 3EX untill further notice, same times though.

Wednesdays & Fridays


Lyng Hall School
Sports Hall 
Blackberry Lane
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Tigers:         5:45pm - 6.30pm
Begineers:    6:30pm - 7:30pm
Advanced:    7:30pm - 8:30pm

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