Why Choose Coventry School of Taekwondo?

There are so many other martial arts schools out there from karate to MMA as well as other Taekwondo Schools, so why choose Coventry School of Taekwondo over the others?

First of all Why Taekwondo?

Every martial arts has its own selling points and I firmly believe no martial arts is any better or any worse than any other, it just comes down to a matter of taste. At Taekwondo, we teach the traditional components of courtesy, integrity, indomitable spirit, self –control and perseverance, these are the foundations (the five tenents) of our art which are all very important in life and are great attributes to try and achieve. We perform and practice patterns and line work which helps with developing technique, strength, balance and co-ordination. We undertake set sparring to practice and development self-defence techniques as well as well as pad drills and fitness works and finally we spar. Sparring is the end product of all the other aspects, where all the skills that have been developed are put into practice.

If you are looking for a martial where the sole emphasis is on fighting without the background both technically and behaviourally then taekwondo is not for you. If however you want to learn or you want your children to learn how to defend themselves, how to get fitter and instil in them the five tenets then taekwondo is for you.

Secondly, Why Coventry School of Taekwondo?

Once you’ve chosen ITF!

There are numerous well run taekwondo schools in the area with very good instructors, so you are in a lucky position of being spoilt for choice. Your first decision is ITF or WTF which may be confusing but basically we are same sport / art rather similar to Rugby League and Union, except due to the political turmoil in Korea over the years ITF which is the original form developed into WTF. It was the WTF that was entered in the Seoul Olympics and became an Olympic event.

Our school is ITF and we teach the traditional forms as it was created, in reality the only real difference is in the sparring rules and styles. It is possible to enter the Olympic version of the sport if you train with the ITF as Jade Jones (2012 Gold medallist) obtained her black belt with our organisation as did Andrew Dear before trialling with the British WTF team and being awarded a place.

So you’ve chosen ITF now for the club. My club is run under the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (TAGB). We are the largest martial arts organisation in Europe, we are the founding member of the British Taekwondo Council and our organisation is larger than all the other taekwondo associations put together.

  • Instil the 5 Tenents of Courtesy, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit, Self-Control, Integrity

  • Balanced approach to all aspects of martial arts

  • The traditional form of Taekwondo

  • Join the largest martial arts organisation in the UK & Europe with over 600 UK clubs

  • Take part in the UK’s largest martial arts competitions

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