Grading 3rd Kup Red Tag to Red Belt


Identify Yourself


Line Work


FWD L Stance – Front Kick – Turning Kick – Forearm Guarding Block
BWD L Stance – Low Knife Hand Guarding Block – Slip Front Foot into Walking Stance – Circular Block
FWD L Stance – Side Kick – Spinning Knife Hand Strike
BWD Walking Stance – Twin Upset Punch
FWD L Stance – Knife Hand Guarding Block – Front Leg Front Kick – Walking Stance Flat Fingertip Thrust
BWD Walking Stance – X Fist Pressing Block – Twin Vertical Punch
FWD L Stance – Turning Kick – Reverse Turning Kick
BWD L Stance – Inwards Outer Forearm Block – Front Back Fist Strike
FWD L Stance – Turning Kick, Hooking Kick Combination – Forearm Guarding Block
BWD First 2 Movements of Toi-Gye




Pattern of Your Choice (Excluding Toi-Gye)
Pattern Set by the Grading Examiner




3 Step Semi Free Sparring (Adv)
1 Step Sparring (Basic)


1 Step sparring is the most realistic form of set sparring that we perform. The defender must have very fast reflexes in order to defend against and defeat the opponent. Both students usually start in parallel stance, but this may be varied at the Instructors discretion.

Attacker always starts in Parallel Ready Stance. Step forward into Right Walking Stance Middle Section Obverse Punch. Repeat in Left Walking Stance.
Defender always starts in Parallel Ready Stance. Defence and Counters should be performed with both the right and Left Sides.


Free Sparring


Tae Kwon-Do Theory

All Korean terminology and Tae Kwon-Do theory up to this grade.

Please note: This information is for guidance only.The exact format is set at the Grading Examiners discretion.


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