Grading 2nd Kup Red Belt to Black Tag


Identify Yourself


Line Work


FWD L Stance – Obverse Punch
BWD Walking Stance – Twin Vertical Punch
FWD L Stance – Double Turning Kick
BWD Walking Stance – Pressing Block
FWD Walking Stance – Flat Spear Finger Thrust
BWD Walking Stance – X Fist Pressing Block – X Fist Rising Block
FWD L Stance – Side Kick – Reverse Side Kick
BWD Walking Stance – Double Forearm Block
FWD First 3 Movements of Joong-Gun
BWD First 3 Movements of Won-Hyo
FWD L Stance – Turning Kick – Reverse Turning Kick
BWD L Stance – High Side Back Fist Strike – Release into Walking Stance – Reverse Punch
L Stance – Jumping Front Snap Kick
L Stance – Jumping Turning Kick
L Stance – Jumping Back Kick




3 Patterns Set by the Grading Examiner




Set Sparring Set by the Grading Examiner
1 Step Sparring (Adv)
Free Sparring


Tae Kwon-Do Theory


All Korean terminology and Tae Kwon-Do theory up to this grade

Please note: This information is for guidance only. The exact format is set at the Grading Examiners discretion


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